Recent Projects

Commercial: Frady’s Food Store

We created this commercial for Frady’s, a much-loved traditional eatery here in New Orleans, as part of a social media package. Included in the package are several weeks’ worth of photos and videos for socials.

Trailer: The Last Influencer Standing

Our short comedic horror film The Last Influencer Standing debuted at the New Orleans Screamfest festival in October 2023. Many Worlds is currently working on a feature film script based on the short.

Unreal Engine Storyboards for Virtual Production

It’s a wrap! We just completed principal photography for our most recent project, a short horror film. Check out how we used Unreal Engine and MetaHumans for storyboards, and for the shoot itself.

Happy Holidays!

We had a great time producing this short holiday video in December 2022 with our virtual production setup. The shoot took just a few hours using some of our virtual backdrops. Enjoy!

Three-Day Film Challenge Using Virtual Production

In November 2022 we participated in the Four Points Film Project, a challenge to make a short film from scratch in three days. We used our virtual production setup to produce A Common Thread, a medieval fairy tale with a modern twist. The film was the only film in the competition to utilize virtual production. We are very proud that the film made it to the finals for the Audience Choice Award.

We also made a “Making of” video to show our process with rear-projection virtual production.

Virtual Production

Why scout locations or build a set when you can film it all virtually in a controlled environment? This isn’t green screen — it’s shooting final pixel in-camera, in a world you designed, with the ability to move the camera with realistic parallax. The possibilities are infinite.

Virtual production setup with optional practical wall with window. As the camera moves, the LED wall display (back) updates to give the illusion of depth and distance.

No compositing required : Put your actors in any world with environmentally accurate lighting and reflection, with no green screen bleed.

Previs : Create a digital world to map out your production, iterate on shots and scenes in real time until it’s right, then go right to production with the same virtual environment.

Shot design : Tour the virtual set interactively to experiment with camera angles well before production starts. You can even output the proposed angles for review or storyboards.

Digital doubles : Experiment with action while keeping actors and stuntpeople safe, or use the doubles for long shots to keep your talent fresh for close-ups.

We offer virtual production with LED screens for the highest fidelity, or with rear-projection screens for the budget-minded.

Many Worlds uses Unreal Engine to provide a real-time environment and digital doubles for virtual production.