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The Art and Math of Cryptography

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Wouldn’t it be great to really understand cryptography?

There are lots of great books on cryptography, but most give either a surface understanding or are full of complex mathematical formulas. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a book that went below the surface, and explained the inner workings of cryptography in a way you could understand?

The Art and Math of Cryptography explains how symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, hashing, and random number generators work under the hood, using familiar examples and high-school level math. You’ll also learn about digital signature, digital certificates, and all the cryptography pieces that come together to make cybersecurity work.

About the author

Michele Bousquet is a Professor of Cryptography at the Tulane University School of Professional Advancement (SoPA), host of the How Hacks Happen podcast, and a Digital Forensics Specialist. She holds a Masters Degree in Computer Security from Boston University.