Table read!

One of the best ways to get cast and crew excited about a film is to host a table read, where we read through the script together. It’s great for learning what works in the script (and what doesn’t), and in getting everyone on board with what you’re looking to accomplish.

Left to right: Kay (lighting), Yvonne (PA), Jarrod (actor), Lizzy (Script Supervisor)

Last week we held a table read at our home for our upcoming short film “The Last Influencer Standing,” a comedic horror story of influencers battling to the death for one million followers. About half the cast and crew were able to attend, and we assigned some crew to read for the cast that wasn’t there.

Terese (lead actor), Michele (director), Jen (costumes)

It also gave us an opportunity to do a quick costume fitting for the lead actor, and for the director to model the T-shirts the “influencers” would wear during the shoot.

It was great to see everyone have such a great time, and also to hear the laughs come at all the expected spots.

Principal photography is scheduled for next month. We can’t wait!